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Arch Angels

BB - Comp

BB Sting

Floats like a butterfly and stings like a BB!  Although this honey may seem sweet, she comes with a razor sharp accuracy and calculated velocity.  That sound you hear milliseconds before you find yourself looking up at her from your back is the sonic boom of her buzzin’ all up in your biznass.  We recommend you stay down….

Cee Cee Sickness #82

Cee Cee Sickness

Cee Cee learned early on that swabbing the decks went much faster when you wore roller skates.

Petra Phi #1.618

Petra Phi

Shedding the confines of Roman rule, Petra began her path of annihilation of all those opposed to divine proportion.  This Golden Mean means to go all Fibonnacci on your jammer and divide your line with blistering reckoning.   Having trouble computing?  Prepare to be schooled…

Sweet-Odd-A-Tee #861


By day this sweet-tart bakes up some of the best tasting treats in town! But as night falls, her blood begins to sour and she’s teeing you up to take you down.  Tiny and stealth, that gnawing at your ankles is the bite of her toxic hits followed with a booty blocking chaser.

Typsy Gypsy 67 (3)

Typsy Gypsy

I bet you’re thinking that Gypsy being tipsy is in your favor.  I bet you’re thinking that those who weeble will fall down.  I bet after the game you’ll be thinking that you thought wrong.